Technical assistance:

Clemo 0400 487 652

ZaraStudio: font settings after restarting are Tahoma, Bold, 20. This is found by selecting the eye icon, then List Font.


Transfer a call to the panel – in Studio 1 – Trans then 807 – in Studio 2 Trans then 808.


Training Videos:



Problem: I can’t hear anything through the speakers.

Try: turn up the monitor volume.

Select the correct monitor source (EXT to hear what is currently on air).

Ensure there are no microphones turned on.

Ensure the correct fader is up and switched on.


Problem: I’m playing music but can’t hear anything

Try: check that the ‘volume indicators’ are moving. If they are, there is audio going into the panel.

If not, then the fader is likely down or not enough volume is coming from the music source.

Ensure the correct fader is up and the ON button is pressed.


How do I have a back up plan in place?

Have a ‘spare’ CD ready to play, or you can push up the Overnight and turn it on at any time to play music if you need to.


ZaraStudio not responding/ frozen.

Try waiting for a minute if possible, it may go back to normal. If nothing is responding after a minute, close Zara using the red X at the top right. It will ask Are You Sure and Save Changes, select Yes on both. Open Zara again using the icon on the desktop or the taskbar. It can take up to 4 to 5 minutes to load so please don’t open it a second or third time.